I don’t know when I called my parental home the last time my „home“ and really meant it.
There were and still are several reasons why I haven’t for a very long time. Anyways.
But I started to define „home“ in a new way for my
I see „home“ as a stable matrix. Like a fullerene but loose in its form.
​Each atom stabilizes the whole complex and represents 
​a component which makes this complex my home.
My own personal cave in which I can hide and feel safe. 
When I stand up, it expands and lets me grow. 
And it snuggles to my body to protect and warm me when I feel lost.
Each fullerene may look different for any person and each person 
​may have his or her individual most important component. 
​Physical bond is something I cannot miss but have had missed for many years.
I gave up searching for my last memory of a warm hearted embrace
​by the person I first saw when I opened my eyes as a new born.
But I found it somewhere else.
I am now creating my own little complex to feel safe in this worl
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